Workshops and Panels

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Workshops focus on three specific industry segments and are interactive sessions where attendees can take a deeper dive into topics specific to their area of interest. Advance registration is not required for the workshops. Workshops are open to full-conference attendees only.



This open discussion workshop is all about Telecom. What you need to know and what you may want to ask about solving customer challenges. Topics include how the evolving and new Fire Code battery requirements might affect facilities, realistic battery “capacity testing”, and navigating how to deploy edge computing devices with battery backup.


Traditional vs. Advanced Technology Energy Storage: What is providing your standby power? Pros and Cons. This will be a discussion of what direction backup power in UPS systems is going, for both traditional solutions and advanced technologies.


This workshop is all about electrical utilities and is designed for those interested in the use and issues of batteries and chargers. This interactive session will share knowledge and experience amongst moderators and attendees with topics including NERC Standard PRC-005 impacts, NERC Standard PRC-005 requirements vs. IEEE recommendations, new and recently issued/updated IEEE standards, and new technologies. You are encouraged to bring your questions and challenges with DC equipment.

Panel Sessions

Lithium Ion Chemistries

Learn about the wide range of chemistries that make up the lithium-ion family—which ones fit with which applications, and where you can install them. Panelists will discuss how the industry is addressing recent safety events, figuring out what went wrong and how to stop it happening in future.

Safety Standards And Codes

NFPA 855, Standard for the Installation of Stationary Energy Storage Systems, has been published and the committee is already working on the next revision. The impetus for this standard may have been the growing industry of grid energy storage but as written, NFPA 855 will affect the entire stationary battery industry. Significant changes are also being made to the fire codes with respect to energy storage systems. The panel will discuss the related codes and standards, interpretations with respect to the stationary battery industry and how to become involved.

Battery Maintenance – What Is Really Important?

This panel will look at what aspects of a maintenance and testing program for traditional technology standby battery’s in switchgear and control, telecom and UPS applications provide the most value to asses overall battery state of health and condition.

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