Join us at Battcon 2024 in Miami

Expected paper topics:
  • Using AI to successfully predict runtime of tens of thousands of VRLA battery CATV sites

  • Changes in electrical safety Codes (like NFPA 70E) relevant to batteries

  • Lessons learned in implementing an IEEE 1657-based training program for stationary DC/battery service techs

  • What is long-duration energy storage (LDES) and what will it look like?

  • Pros and cons of different test set strategies for monitoring battery discharge tests

  • BESS failure modes and safety systems

  • Dominion substations' DC system for reliability and compliance

  • Using AI to evaluate large numbers of battery internal ohmic readings

  • Lessons learned about failure analysis and PM strategies for BESS from global incidents and an ISA CTEEP installation

  • DC fast-charging for stationary EV charging using BESS

  • Mobile battery rooms and systems

  • Wide bandgap semiconductors for revolutionizing battery charger design and performance

  • Using Sodium Metal Chloride (NaNiCl, aka nickel-salt) batteries in industrial standby (nominal 125 and 250 VDC) applications

  • Analyzing risks of non-compliance with ventilations standards in battery rooms

  • The future with energy storage safety Codes

  • Practical results from testing Li-ion batteries in short circuit situations in telecom circuits

  • Using Bipolar architecture and novel negative plate "grid" technology to make a lead-acid battery that can compete in the energy storage market

  • Battery and inverter impact on fault currents in grid-scale storage

  • Stationary battery explosions caused by below-electrolyte events

  • Managing safety compliance in data center battery rooms

The 3 panel / Q&A session topics
  • EV charging stations with BESS, and V2G as virtual power plants

  • DC arc flash

  • Workforce training and needs for EVs and BESS at the relatively higher voltages they deal with

Expected wrap up sessions
  • micro-grid (including BESS) on an open semi trailer

  • Li-ion battery and BMS connection hands-on

  • Home energy backup BESS

  • Lead-acid battery intercell connector prep

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